Taylor A.

Engineering Ambassador at University of Dayton

Class of 2019

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Bioengineering

Why did you choose UD?

I chose Dayton because I absolutely loved the program and felt I would get the attention that I need. I also love the campus!

Piece of advice you'd give an incoming student

Don't stress! You do not have to have your life figured out, everything will eventually fall into place!

What's your favorite UD memory?

One of my favorite memories, is every time there is a major holiday my roommate and I bake snacks, then invite our friends over for movies themed for the holiday! It is always so much fun and I am usually doubled over in laughter!

Fun Fact

I can touch my tongue to my nose

I'm passionate about...

Animals Interior Design My Friends My Family Chemistry lab work Working with Kids Netflix Hiking/Backpacking Reading

I'm involved with...

Vegetarian Club Intramurals Tabs for Charity American Institute of Chemical Engineers
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