Kayla C.

Business Peer Advisor at University of Dayton

Class of 2019

Hometown: West Chester, OH

Major: Management Information Systems

What's your favorite UD memory?

My first year at UD, I met a girl who lived in my dorm and we both wanted to go to the first men's basketball exhibition game together. We didn't really know each other and neither of us had cars, so we decided to take the shuttle to the game. Right as we approached the shuttle pick-up spot, we watched the shuttle drive away without us! We decided to run to the Arena and ended up seeing another shuttle driving down the road. We managed to flag down the shuttle, hop in, and get to the arena just in time. We also managed to find 2 front row seat and watch the Flyers win! That girl also ended up becoming my best friend and has been my roommate for 2 years now :)

Piece of advice you'd give an incoming student

Get involved as soon as you can! Join a club or organization, look for on-campus jobs and step out of your comfort zone. Befriend the people in your classes and in your dorm. If an opportunity comes your way, say "Yes!" These can be challenging at first but I promise they will be worth it in the long run. Dayton has so many opportunities, so take advantage of them while you can....4 years flies by!

Why did you choose UD?

When I first toured the campus, I immediately felt at home. It was the perfect distance from home (for me) and the size of campus was ideal. But it was truly the friendly people and the community that made me feel so comfortable and welcome here.

Fun Fact

Jason Derulo follows me on Twitter

I'm passionate about...

dancing terribly Food Family and Friends Technology Running

I'm involved with...

Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Business Fraternity Zeta Tau Alpha
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