Liz M.

Business Peer Advisor at University of Dayton

Class of 2021

Hometown: Elmhurst, IL

Major: Marketing

Secondary Major: Management Information Systems

Fun Fact

I have a really big family, including 4 siblings, 28 aunts and uncles, and 60+ first cousins.

Piece of advice you'd give an incoming student

Be open to change and meeting new people. It can be scary to put yourself out there, but there are so many amazing people here at UD to meet and get to know.

Why did you choose UD?

I chose UD because I immediately felt at home in this community. The people are so welcoming and supportive to each individual. I do not feel like a number here; I feel like a valued student and person.

What's your favorite UD memory?

My favorite UD Memory is going to my first UD Men's Basketball game with my friends. It was one of the most exciting and fun moments of my Freshman year.

I'm passionate about...

Family and Friends Positivity Laughing kindness Service

I'm involved with...

Honors Program Campus Ministry MIS Club Inturmural Sports Colleges Against Cancer Women in Business
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