Renee B.

Alumnus at University of Dayton

Class of 2017

Current: Louisville, KY

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Employer: University of Louisville- Graduate Student

Major: Intervention Specialist

Concentration: TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

What did you love most about UD?

What I loved most about UD can't be defined as one singular experience. Rather what I loved the most were all the little experiences that made me feel at home. From seeing a familiar face every day walking to class, having a complete stranger hold the door open for you, professors bringing in breakfast for the class, and sharing a meal with roommates and friends. These are the things I love the most.

What was your favorite thing to do in the city of Dayton?

There are so many cool things to explore! I really enjoyed both the Oregon District and Riverscape- highly recommend them both!

Piece of advice you'd give an incoming student

Try new things, this is the perfect time to explore new hobbies and activities. You never know, you could find a new passion of yours!

How has UD shaped where you are now?

UD has provided me a solid education that has led to my current attendance in graduate school. It also shaped me spiritually through amazing groups and retreats such as Lighthouse and Chaminade Scholars. It has given me mentors, many of which I still communicate with often and whom provide support still. It has provided me with friends that have turned into family and lessons that extend beyond the classroom.

I'm passionate about...

Rock Climbing Reading! Speech Pathology Service Projects Education

I'm involved with...

el salvador breakout Honors Program Residence Life Faith Fit Study Abroad/Internship in London Alpha Phi Omega (Service Faternity) UDAYC Campus Ministry/Retreats Chaminade Scholar through the Honors Program
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