Renee B.

Alumnus at University of Dayton

Class of 2017

Current: Louisville, KY

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Employer: University of Louisville- Graduate Student

Major: Intervention Specialist

Concentration: TESOL- Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Now that you are an alum, what would you tell a student to make sure they experience while in college?

I would encourage students to not be afraid to try new things. I would have never climbed a rock wall and enjoyed it before college- but it is now one of my favorite hobbies. Take advantage of every opportunity you can- especially traveling abroad!

What did you love most about UD?

What I loved most about UD can't be defined as one singular experience. Rather what I loved the most were all the little experiences that made me feel at home. From seeing a familiar face every day walking to class, having a complete stranger hold the door open for you, professors bringing in breakfast for the class, and sharing a meal with roommates and friends. These are the things I love the most.

Fun Fact

I LOVE Tacos! I even have two taco onsies

What was your favorite thing to do in the city of Dayton?

There are so many cool things to explore! I really enjoyed both the Oregon District and Riverscape- highly recommend them both!

I'm passionate about...

Rock Climbing Reading! Speech Pathology Service Projects Education

I'm involved with...

el salvador breakout Honors Program Residence Life Faith Fit Study Abroad/Internship in London Alpha Phi Omega (Service Faternity) UDAYC Campus Ministry/Retreats Chaminade Scholar through the Honors Program
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